These are some simple, significant, suggestions to apply to everyday life.

One method to use for situations, good and bad. Stop, Look and Listen.

Today, many people will react first and think about the situation later. This may lead to disaster and regret. If you apply the SLL method, maybe better results can be achieved.

STOP. Halt, freeze, breathe and pray, before speaking or taking actions. Ask God to zip your lips and block your behavior.

LOOK. Assess, examine, and observe the situation. Look up, for God’s divine direction. Avoid looking at the situation and the events around you. Look for answers above you.

LISTEN. Pay attention to what God is saying. Hear His Words. Block out your voice, the negative voices, and the voices that will keep you in trouble.

The steps to take when you are ready to take any new venture in life. Ready, Set and Go.

When a decision is made to take a new step in life or to take a journey, many people will leap into the venture and fall into failure. Use RSG steps.

READY– This is the step for preparation. Do your research. Gather all the equipment, tools or information needed for your quest. Talk to wise people who have taken this quest.

SET– Get a mindset that you are going to complete this journey. Get your mind right. Realize there may be obstacles to endure. You will prevail, because your mindset is determined.

GO– Now take action. Take your journey.

Daily things to do. Ask God daily, multiple times a day to Load your Lips. Monitor your Mind. Harvest your Heart. Do LMH.

Load My Lips. Ask God to put, supply and laden your lips with His Words, not your words.

Monitor My Mind. Watch, observe, check your thoughts and replace them with God’s thoughts.  Renew your mind in God’s Word, Wisdom and Way.

Harvest My Heart. Ask God to weed out all the negative and evil things from your heart; and replace them with positive and good morals.

Ask God to kiss your lips, renew your mind and hold your heart.

Follow these directions, methods and steps to make any journey easier.