Has your car or vehicle ever been stuck in a rut? What is the first thing you do? You ponder on how you got in the rut. Then, you attempt to get the vehicle out. To free the vehicle, you will yak, pull, tug, twist or turn, or apply any other technique that comes to your mind to free the car.

Apply the stuck in the rut analog with life. The causes why you got stuck in the mud, may be negligence, stubbornness, hardheadedness, pride, disobedience or merely an accident. Your immediate inclination is to get out the rut as soon as possible, and to apply any methods necessary to free yourself. You may need to do some pulling, tugging and turning to get out of your situation.

Settling into the mud is different. Some individuals got stuck in the mud and applied minimal methods to free themselves? In spite of wise counsel, instructions and guidance, they devised their own plans, which caused them to sink deeper into the mud. They tried, but it did not work, they abandoned the concept of deliverance, and settled. They have become complacent and have adapted to everyone else who is in the mud. And, wonder why they don’t feel free.

There are plenty of people who are settling into the mud with relationships, jobs, finances and behaviors, but they are not meditating on devices to be liberated. Why? It’s much easier to complain and do nothing about the situation.

The process begins by identifying if you are stuck in the rut or settling into the mud. For the sake of this post, stuck in the rut, you want out and you are trying to be free. Settling into the mud, you have given up. You’re settling.

  • Look at your situation. Are you where you want to be??
  • Look at the people you spend the most time with, where are they in the scenario above?
  • Are you envious, angry or sadden by individuals who are achieving their goals and living their lives?
  • Identify if there are hidden agendas of why you do not want to get out of the mud? Is there a valid reason? Are you in denial? Are you living in a fantasy created by you? Are hoping for the best and you know it will not happen? Are you doing the same things with the same people and expecting a different outcome? Remember, that is said to be insanity.
  • Are you waiting for someone else to make the move of getting you out of the mud? It is not up to anyone to get you out, but you. God will assist, if you ask for His guidance and obey His directions. Do not depend on others to get you out, because they may be stuck, also.
  • Are you exhausted and tired and have no strength to try anymore. God will grant you strength.
  • Is fear paralyzing you? God will give you courage.

The next 2 posts, You can’t See the Forest from the Trees; Tug of War; will assist, educate and guide you on becoming a better you.

Set a goal, make a plan and apply interventions. If that doesn’t work, go back to the drawing board and try again. Your ultimate goal is to be free. It may take time, but you are working and thinking of innovating ways to get you to  level ground.  Listen to wise counsel, research new ways and don’t give up.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses [who by faith have testified to the truth of God’s absolute faithfulness], stripping off every unnecessary weight and the sin which so easily and cleverly entangles us, let us run with endurance and active persistence the race that is set before us. Hebrews 12:1Amplified Bible (AMP)