Fall is a great season to plant certain seeds, or bulbs. Planting in the Fall, allows time for the seed to take root. After certain ingredients are applied, months later, the seed blooms into a healthy plant. To bloom means to change, grow or develop. For any plant or flower to grow, seeds are needed.

Unfortunately, there are negative seeds planted in your heart, ingredients are added, after a certain amount of time, those seeds take root and flourish into something that is not beautiful or healthy. For example, if the seed of bitterness is planted in productive places of your mind, watered with negative thoughts, it will take root in your heart and bloom into bitter behaviors and actions. This process can apply to all emotions, good and bad.

Anger, resentment, fear and so many other unfavorable emotions are planted. Days, months, years and sometimes decades later, the seeds takes root and blooms you into the negative person you are today. This planting process may have started in childhood, after the dissolution of a relationship, or, during a time of loss. Surprisingly, the growth does not stop there. The bad fruit continues to grow, developing into a fresh crop of loneliness, depression and hopelessness.

 But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth. James 3:14 (KJV)

Positive people do not want to be around negative people. Positive people breed growth, development, opportunities and prosperity. So if you find yourself always going nowhere, with missed moments and a host of failures, you may be breeding weeds.

All of those adverse feelings are weeds. What do you do with weeds? You pluck them out. How?

  • Have a long talk with God. You need to discover when the weed was planted. You cannot do this process alone. And, you can’t discuss these feelings with other people who think the same way that you do. You may not be able to talk to “some” of the positive people, they may not be able to relate to you. If you go to God, He will direct you and send you the people that can help you to pluck.
  • Go back to the beginning. If it was days ago or years ago, go back to the time before the weed was planted. That is a must. Sometimes that is too painful, and people do not want to feel the pain, however it is important. If you cannot find the root cause, how can you pluck it out?
  • Be honest. This is a key component. Something the negative feeling are started because we only think about ourselves. What happened to me? They did this to me. Me, me, me. In a lot of cases, something drastic may have happened to you. I am not downplaying this at all. However, at some point, honesty must be applied before healing can begin.
  • Harvest a healing process. To heal, you must allow yourself to mend. Rethink old behaviors. This is a difficult step because you may need to forgive someone or forgive yourself. Let things go. Get rid of unfruitful things. This is the time to make yourself whole again.
  • Plant new seeds. You may need to isolate yourself from certain people. Get new acquaintances. Cultivate new seeds of peace, contentment, thankfulness.
  • God should be at the beginning of any quest, in the middle and at the end. Let God. Let God. He will bring you through.

Stop with the weeds. Ask God to assist you in the plucking process. Get rid of unfruitful emotions that are choking you.

 Looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you, and thereby many be defiled. Hebrews 12:15 (KJV)