When observing items for purchase, such as furniture, clothing or automobiles, we search for the integrity of that item. There are high demands that the object will be able to withstand wear and tear and the test of time. If imperfections are found, either the item is:

  • Not purchased.
  • Sold at a discounted rate.
  • Overlooked entirely.

When money, time and effort is spent for purchases, you demand quality. And, you are outraged when you don’t get it. And, by chance if the item is bought and the quality is not there, you expect a refund.

The above definition of integrity relates to soundness and completeness. Also, integrity is defined as being honest and fair. To stand grounded in a code or moral values. It means to be able to discern right from wrong.

Are you outraged, because you have not been chosen for a higher position at work? Are you always receiving raises that are less than others? Are you overlooked to participate in functions, committees, teams or programs that can greatly benefit you? Do you see other people propelling forward, accomplishing their dreams and you remain at square one? Do you see others with fantastic jobs, in stable relationships; purchasing great homes and cars; traveling to exotic places? And, you are unemployed or in a no end job: lonely or in a toxic relationship; homeless or mooching off others: and your definition of travel consists of going across town?

The same way that you look for integrity in items. People look for integrity in you. Are you lacking honesty and fairness? Do you obtain a righteous character? Magnets are attracted to metal.  Ants are attracted to sweets. Good people are attracted to good people. Integrity attracts prosperity. Without integrity you will reap immorality.

As the world turns, people’s inner moral compass have been broken, discarded or deactivated. Instead of honesty, there are falsehoods, disloyalty and corruption. People cheat on their spouses, ride the clock at work; are untruthful on income tax returns or other documents. People lie for their own gains. For some people, lying is easier than telling the truth. Fairness is traded for deception, rudeness and disrespect. Misconduct, wrong doing and transgression have replaced values. Why? Because the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy.

Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him. Job 13:15 (KJV)

One of the tools the devil uses, is the internet. The internet is an outlet to receive information. It is great to do research on various topics to get a higher understanding. However, this same useful pathway can also deliver fake news and all other forms of deceptions.

It is so easy to say, these character flaws listed above belong to the millenniums or the youth. If truth be told, the damaged moral compass applies to people of all ages, races and religions. The world has become lax in defining good character. Parents have been negligent in building character in their children. Individuals have adopted codes of self-centeredness. Social media plays a huge role in devolving this negative conducts.

Believe it or not, everything you do; what to achieve; or want to have, will begin with your integrity. Oftentimes, having a good character will prevail over a skill.

Do not read this post and quickly think of someone else. Check your moral compass and see where your needle is pointing.

  • Do you compromise, easily?
  • Does a lie form more quickly than telling the truth in stressful situations?
  • Do you follow the crowd in whatever they are doing or thinking, without question?
  • Do you fear thinking or behaving beyond what your friends or family think or behave?
  • Do you believe everything you hear or see, that sounds interesting?
  • Are you ready to spread some information without researching the fact, because you are too lazy to search for the truth?
  • Are you quick to make a promise, and just as quick to break it?
  • Are you quick to identify dishonesty in others, but can’t seem to see it in yourself?
  • Have you been around family or friends that do not practice integrity, and you do not have a clue what a good character is?

If you are honest, can you identify with any of the above points? Do you want to change? This is how you can begin. Take the nine bullets above, do the opposite and add one point.

  • Get God in your life. The Lord is the God of truth. Begin to read and search the Word. If you don’t stand with God, you will fall for anything.
  • Don’t be so quick to always compromise. Compromise when you know it is in truth. Do not compromise, just because you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings, especially if you know it is wrong.
  • Stop lying. Tell the truth.
  • It is okay to be part of a group, but, learn to question certain behaviors and ways of thinking. Be your own person.
  • Fear God and not man. Sometimes, your friends and family do not know everything. Go to a God, Who does know everything.
  • Stop believing everything you hear on the news and social media. Some of these outlets are designed to deceive and keep you in fear.
  • Stop being lazy. Research facts before spreading fake new news and information.
  • If you make a promise. Do it. I will take it step further, don’t promise things unless you are certain that you can fulfil your vow.
  • Stop judging others and judge yourself.
  • This post defines what integrity is. Learn it and do it.

Integrity is something to learn, practice and teach. And no matter what happens good or bad, your integrity should remain intact. Once you get it, never let it go.

God forbid that I should justify you: till I die I will not remove mine integrity from me. Job 27:5 (KJV)