I want a house, or a bigger house. I want a job or a better job. I want money or more money… I want more…

There is always an opportunity of wanting more. There is nothing wrong with desiring to go further, higher; or to have an eagerness to get extra or expand. I believe God wants the best for all of us. He is the God of abundance and the God of more than enough.

In the world’s thought process, you can do anything on your merit, whatever you want, go out and get it now; whenever you desire, expect for it happen, now. And, in many scenarios, there is no need to worry about people, if they will be hurt or deceived, just as long as you are getting what you want. There are many books to read: 5 Steps to Become Rich, 10 Interventions to Achieve Your Accomplishments, 15 Stages To Be Successful.

In God’s ways, you cannot do anything with Him. There is a time for everything. And the gift of patience must be achieved.  Everything you want in life may not be what you need.  God is love. His direction, will never be to injure or destroy people on your journey to success. And, there is one main book to read and meditate on and that is the Holy Bible.

Before focusing on how to get more. Let’s investigate how deep your desire for getting more dwells. Two groups of people will be described.  Lip Service People (LSP) vs. Action Directed Individuals (ADI).

Lip Service or empty talk is easy. The common phrase is: talk is cheap. The (LSPs) are the people who constantly express the things they want to do, but lacks the fortitude. Many of these people will declare desires or events that will occur way into the future.

Example:  I am going back to school in 2025. Going back to school is a great event. To obtain a degree or certificate, can result in a better job and a better life. However, 2025 is eight years from now. There may be a logic to why this futuristic date is made. Maybe the person wants to wait until their children are in school full time. Maybe they need to save money. The reasons can be numerous. I am not targeting people who are preparing and giving themselves enough time to get their affairs in order, before taking the plunge.

I am addressing the lip service clan. The ones who do not make any steps to accomplish any goals. Going back to school is a process. There is research to be completed: what degree to get, what classes to take; how many classes to take each semester; how much money is needed. There may be grants or loans to seek. But, the person who made this declaration does not seek in planning. They glory in the theory. They want to be admired for wanting to go back to school. The approval enriches them. Sometimes, this is the reason why these statements are made, for the small triumph of praise.

Or, in other cases, the LSPs may take 1 or 2 steps toward their goal, then quit when obstacles emerge. LSPs are always filled with excuses, and vain reasons why they could not do the declared tasks. They view themselves as victims. Someone did not call me back. He was rude. She didn’t help me. The victim mentality continues, LSPs will depend on others to do what they should do. That way, when things do not materialize, they can blame others for the misfortunes. These individuals will always point their fingers at others, rather than themselves. It will always be someone else’s fault why they did not go back to school. 2025 comes and goes with no school admission.

Using the same scenario above, going back to school. I will insert the ADIs (Action Directed Individuals). They spring into action. First, many will not declare a mission 8 years off. They are set in their minds to do something, now. Maybe they have children, work and household duties to contend with, however, while taking care of daily routines, they are seeking and searching. They have obtained college catalogues, class schedules, and tuition amounts. They have chosen their degree and have researched the courses to take. They know a ball park amount of money it will take to complete their degree choice. Research have been made on grants and loans. They have created a college budget, maybe not much, but something toward their task. They have phoned people for assistance. And, if a person did not call them back, ADIs will call again. When someone is rude, that does not deter them, they may ask to speak to a supervisor; or go to the college in person. They do not become victims. They become warriors. Eight years may be their focus for a full time class load. But, they may begin to take one night class or an online classes to get their feet wet. When obstacles spring up, they will sit back, pray, regroup and comes back fighting. They don’t give up. When 2025 arrives, they have money and/or grants/loans. They may have taken 1/2 the class course required. What would have taken 4 years to complete, may only take 2 years because they started to do something, at the beginning.

Evaluate yourself. Are you a talker or a doer? It’s ok, if you have identified yourself as a talker. Now, that you know, do something about it.

  1. Be honest. Admit your shortcomings, maybe not to people, but to God. He already knows your faults. If you are a procrastinator, tell God. Ask Him to help you to overcome this flaw.
  2. Don’t be an Empty Talker. Talk to God. He can give you guidance and direction.
  3. Don’t be stubborn. Listen and obey God and His wise counsel.
  4. Do things differently. Do things God’s way and not your way. Remember, Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.
  5. Change the way you think. If you change the way you think, you can change your life. Change your mindset. Your old way of thinking has caused you to be where you are. Always wanting more, but never actually getting more.

Wanting more is more than words, it requires action. Do something! Do a lot of something! Get your more!!!

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work: 2 Corinthians 9:8King James Version (KJV)